Scott Farr, CAS

Production Sound Mixer

(310) 902-5944


50+ Features and Episodic TV Series’

200+ National Commercials

250+ Network Documentaries

Certified, Licensed, Permitted & Registered

- COVID-19 Awareness Certificates

- FCC Part 74 Wireless Operator

- Safety Pass Certified

- Industry Experience Roster

- Mining Safety Health Administration (MSHA)

- Cinema Audio Society (CAS)

- IASTE Local 695

- IMDb Listing

- US Passport and International Vaccinations

Published Industry Articles:

-Audio on the Go

-BH Nannies Live Reunion Special

-Guardian of Good Sound

-Production Sound in Extreme Environments

-Stingray a Sound Solution

-US Navy Air Support

Recording Sound since 2001

IASTE Local 695 since 2007

Travel to over 22 countries