Scott Farr, CAS

Production Sound Mixer

(310) 902-5944


Recording Sound since 2000

IASTE Local 695 since 2007

Travel to over 22 countries

I have been a Production Sound Mixer since late 1999 and have traveled to over 22 Countries. I have a complete Sync Sound kit based on the Aaton Cantar X3 system. I can handle anything from a feature film to a documentary. I have worked on a variety of projects including: Motion Capture, Military, Space Agencies, Feature Films, Live Broadcast, 1 hour and 1/2 hour series for Network and Internet, Podcasts, Commercials and a lot of Documentaries and I mean a lot. 

I am able to operate playback, sound reinforcement, send video assist feeds, and conquer just about any other on-set sound situation, all with a positive attitude. I have worked on productions throughout North, Central and South America, Europe, Africa, Antarctica, the Caribbean, I’ve been up in a Hot Air Balloon and I’ve also been out to sea on Oil Rigs, Cruises, Container Ships, Tug Boats, flight decks of US Navy Aircraft Carriers and deep below on US Navy Submarines.

I am a member of the Cinema Audio Society, registered to legally operate wireless systems in the United States by the FCC, I am Safety Pass Certified, a Y1 Production Sound Mixer with IASTE Local 695, awarded COVID-19 Awareness Certificates and I have MSHA certification although I’m not sure I want to go back in an underground mine.

With my travels for Production Sound Mixing I have amassed over 1 million and counting frequent flyer miles and I’m looking forward to where the next million takes me.